Yamaha SR 500 with Velorex 562

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Yamaha SR 500 with Velorex 562

Beitragvon Loran » 21. März 2008 14:58


Let me introduce myself.
I live in Paris, France, I own two Yamaha SR500, and I want to hack one with a velorex 562.

I've just found the sidecar, a Velorex 562.

So I'm looking for a "universal fastenings", do you know where I can get it cheap ? Because it's provided with Jawa fastenings.

Also is it really necessary to modify the frame of the SR500, or it's possible to simply bolt it to the original frame with the universal fastenings ?

I've seen a pictures of a sub frame for SR500, is it something that can be bought from a shop, or is it specially made for each customer ?

That would be great if you could help me, because I don't speak german, but it seems that many info are here.

About steering stabilizer, what is best : short one from a motorcycle, or long one from a VW Cox ?

Thanks for helping me.
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Beitragvon Uwe » 21. März 2008 18:54

hi Loran - and :433:

look here --> http://forum.dreiradler.org/viewtopic.php?t=1360


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Beitragvon Hauni » 21. März 2008 21:51

Hy Loran!
You could contact Peter, here at these Forum named "gespannsachen"

He is a proffessionell Sidecar-Builder and specialized for SR500 with Sidecar
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Beitragvon Loran » 27. März 2008 21:19

OK I've send him a MP, waiting for any reply.
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